Why I don’t just want to Google it


What happened to asking other people for their advice or opinions? When have we become a “just Google it” culture? And, for that matter, why has that happened?

It drives me insane when I ask a question online, usually via Twitter or Facebook, and someone responds with: “just Google it.”

Do you think I’m not aware that Google exists? Do you think that I’m too lazy to use Google?

Well, let me set the record straight. I am well aware of the existence of Google and no, I am not too lazy to use it.

For example:

1) When I ask online for recipe ideas, I don’t want to Google it. I want to hear from ACTUAL people who have an opinion about a recipe. Tell me that you’ve either a) made the recipe and b) liked the way in turned out, so that I have something to go off of. Sure, I could read all of the comments below the recipe, but I don’t want to hear what a stranger has to say. I want to hear from you, my friend/acquaintance /relative who either knows me/my family/my palate and would think that the recipe would suit us.

2) When I ask online about something relevant to my industry (i.e. public relations, media relations and social media), please don’t tell me to Google it. I’m asking because, I would love to know what YOU are telling your clients. If I ask about a study regarding social media¬† driving sales, I am asking what YOU are using when you report to your clients. When you sit down with your client and you need to justify your fee, or when you are pulling together a reporting document, or if your client is complaining that they are sinking in $X amount of dollars into social media but they only sold 5 items after one month of working together, how are you responding? And, if I’m asking today about a recent study, that means I’ve already seen the study done in September 2012 and I’d LOVE to know if you have a study that’s more recent. And yes, I went to Mashable before I asked the question on Twitter.

3) When I ask you a question about a child related product, such as a car-seat, stroller, toy, etc., please don’t tell me to Google it. I want to hear from you, Mommy’s and Daddy’s, who have actual experience with said product. I want YOU to tell me that you’ve either used the product, liked the product, would not recommend the product because your child fell out of the product, etc. For those who don’t know me past acquaintance phase, know that I used to work with a line of children’s furniture. I am very familiar with the JPMA and consumer reports. I’ve already checked out both of those places before I posited the question to you.

And please, let’s do both of us a favor. If your response is “just Google it”, please just don’t respond at all. I’d much rather feel ignored than patronized.


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