What’s in your medicine cabinet?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about clutter. And, more specifically, how I really want to just declutter and simplify my life. I look around at our apartment and it’s clean, but cluttered. Stacks of papers, children’s drawings, letters, and medical papers have taken over the dining room and kitchen. The kids toys are in bags and baskets on a living room chair and underneath the TV. Neat piles of children’s books are stacked high on what used to be our coffee table, and don’t even get me started on laundry. The guest bed in our Mamad is my laundry bed, where piles of clean and folded laundry never seem to make it back into drawers.  I’ve got boxes full of paper goods underneath tables and in our dining room and, truth be told, I don’t even know what I’ve got in those boxes. I have no idea if I just keep on buying more and more napkins, or if I have enough plastic forks to last us a year!

This morning, though, I decided that I’ve had enough. I want one of those homes where there’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place.

But, the problem is that I’m a serious pack rat. I’m attached to my stuff and, every time I sit down to actually get rid of what’s probably not necessary anymore, I just can’t do it. DH is, unfortunately, the same way.

Know what happens when one pack rat marries another? Yup, you guessed it. You’ve got loads of stuff and lots of clutter.

This morning, I decided it was time for a change. And, armed with two giant black garbage bags, I decided to tackle the medicine cabinets in my bathroom. I was literally astounded by what I found in there and am very happy that our guests always use the other bathroom when they come over. I couldn’t even IMAGINE what they would think had someone opened up those cabinets.

You see, I’m a product loving girl. I am a beauty and health product marketing manager’s DREAM! I love products. I love trying new products, and I love stockpiling the products that I use.

Case in point, anything from Kiehl’s stayed. I should actually be a brand manager for Kiehl’s, that’s how much I love their products. But, what I discovered while cleaning this morning, is that I own FOUR tubs of their creamy eye treatment with avocado. That will last me more than a year. I also discovered a giant bag of Kiehl’s product samples that I collected at Saks more than two years ago!

Remember how I said that I’m a beauty/health product marketing manager’s dream? Well, the four boxes of never used Almay eye makeup eraser sticks (how clever of a product is this!!) can attest to that. I’m pretty sure I read about them in a magazine and then went to Soap.com and ordered a ton of boxes to try. Sad thing is that I really do want to try them, but I’ve worn makeup twice in the past six months! And, what did I use as my eye make up remover? Not the Almay sticks, since I didn’t even remember they existed!

Those bottles of Mama Mio anti-cellulite, stretch mark prevention creams that didn’t work when I was pregnant with my eldest? Tossed!

That giant container of Kama Sutra honey dust that I have NO idea where I got it and think it was probably some sort of bachelorette present that I never even opened, and let’s be honest but I would never use it anyway? Trashed!

Boxes and boxes of Tampons that I have no idea when I bought, and haven’t used? After reading that nightmare story of the woman who found mold on her Tampons? Chucked!

Folks, what if you find contraception that doesn’t have an expiration date but you know you bought it more than six years ago? Throw it away! Unless, of course, you want to get pregnant.

If your hair care products have elements that have separated out of the actual product and now resembles curdled milk? Time to get rid of it!

Why do I need SIX containers of silk dental floss by OralB? Don’t know, but I’m pretty sure I won’t need new floss until at least November.

I’m hoping Johnson & Johnson baby powder doesn’t go bad, since I found 3 unopened containers! Same for J&J body cream. THREE bottles, still shrink wrapped!

The colorful, flannel hot water bottle still in its bag was a nice little surprise. Lord knows why I needed FOUR boxes of disposable underwear, although I’m pretty sure it was some wild time that I must have missed out of!

And, if a bus load of seminary girls, all with synced cycles, suddenly broke down in front of my apartment and for some reason they ALL forgot to pack feminine hygiene products? Well, let’s just say that I’ve got them covered.

I felt so much better looking around the bathroom. I admired the marble counter, which I could suddenly see! I enjoyed looking at empty cabinets that, knowing me, will be full with other products by the end of the month. And, I was content knowing that I’ve got enough bars of soap to last me until after Rosh Hashanah!

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to tackle our book problem! Perhaps I’ll even find the coffee table!

Are you spending time this summer cleaning or just organizing? Share in the comment section!



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2 Responses to What’s in your medicine cabinet?

  1. Ellen says:

    So proud of you!! My mantra is clear your space, free your mind!! You will find you will be more productive with that free space in your home and in your mind!!!

  2. LOL – I finally threw out the leftover painkillers they gave me when I had my wisdom teeth out in 1986. And I have also made vow not to buy any new lotions and potions until I’ve worked my way through all the ‘stuff’ I already have. This includes end of year gifts from 100s of students and every sample sachet I’ve ever come across in a magazine and thought – this will be handy when I go away rather than take a whole bottle of shampoo/conditioner/moisturizer etc… A good tip is to consolidate all the boxes containing one plaster (Band-aid) into one of the boxes – that’s about a shelf worth of space.

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