The Laundry Bed

This is my bed o’ laundry. You know you have one too, admit it. This is where all the clean laundry in the house goes, gets folded, and then waits until we inevitably wear it again. I have a huge wall of closets with shelves that are practically empty. My underwear drawer is devoid of underwear since I have a stack, folded neatly, on the bed o’ laundry.

I don’t know why we just can’t get our acts together to put the clothes away in the cupboards, but we just have no motivation. And why should we? The bed is for guests, and since no guests are coming to stay with us anytime soon, we might as well make good use out of it.

Of course, if I didn’t have a bit of an obsessive personality, I would have no problem with the bed o’ laundry. Better yet, I’d have no problem with the fact that my DH leaves his dirty socks in a heap next to his bed. But, unfortunately, I’m just not that kind of Mommy and after a while, the heap of socks and the bed o’ laundry just gets to me.

Yesterday, I asked my cleaning lady to place all the folded laundry onto our bed, so that we would have no choice but to put it away in the closets or risk sleeping with mounds of clothing at our feet. To his credit, DH dutifully put all his laundry away before bedtime. And me, what did this tired Mommy do? I scooped up the folded piles and place them gently onto the bed o’ laundry in the other room, and went to sleep.


Best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry. I promise, I will get to the piles of laundry someday soon.

Truth be told, I’m in an awkward stage which is why I don’t know where to put the laundry. Thank g-d, I’m pregnant again. I don’t like to talk about it, think about it, or even really admit that it’s happening because I’m so frightened something bad will g-d forbid happen like what happened with my last pregnancy. So, I’m still wearing part maternity and part regular clothing, which is why I have no idea how to organize my shelves.

That, and we have stacks of luggage blocking access to the closets and I just have no strength to drag them aside and get to work. Maybe one of these nights I’ll just ask DH for some help and he can assist me in organizing my closets.

As for putting away Baby J’s clothing? I have no excuse other than sheer and total laziness. Perhaps if I can kick my butt into gear this afternoon, I’ll be able to tackle that before gan pickup.

I think if I do put her clothing away, I will feel a lot more accomplished and a lot less like the truant Mommy that I truly am.

Do you have a bed of laundry? Please share below!

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