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What’s your Mommy style?

Tweet I have a confession: I’m a closet Mishpacha reader. For those unfamiliar with Mishpacha magazine, it’s a Jewish magazine for the family (mishpacha literally means family). Each week, a shrink wrapped package arrives at our door (thanks to my … Continue reading

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Why I don’t just want to Google it

Tweet What happened to asking other people for their advice or opinions? When have we become a “just Google it” culture? And, for that matter, why has that happened? It drives me insane when I ask a question online, usually … Continue reading

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Why Life Is Like High School

Tweet Do you remember when you came home from high school, upset and crying because someone was really mean to you? Like the girl whose locker was underneath yours and she went nuts because your tehina accidentally spilled all over … Continue reading

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Your Kids Are What You’ve Eaten?

Tweet This is a follow up blog post to the one I wrote for The Times of Israel about Israeli’s lax attitude towards food allergies. I recommend you click on the link and read that post first, since it will … Continue reading

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They Don’t Want My Daughter

Tweet All across Israel today, and in some parts of the the United States, the 2012/2013 school year began. In our home, we reached a new milestone, as our baby was also starting gan. At 17 months old, we decided … Continue reading

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Not Just A Four Letter Word

Tweet This afternoon, my toddler did the unexpected. She called a new worker in our home “ugly.” And, after I told her that we never use that word, and that it’s very hurtful, and I don’t ever want to hear … Continue reading

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Sibling Rivalry

Tweet   (Photo credits: Hipstermom. DD#1 walking the streets of Jerusalem with her Uncle) Passover is finally behind us, which means so is DH’s Monsoon Wedding of a birthday, my brother’s brief trip from the States to meet his niece … Continue reading

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