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I was single throughout my 20’s and I remember this one Sex and the City episode where they talk about their Secret Single Behavior. I thought it was a pretty funny episode, and like majority of the series, didn’t really think it applied to my life.

Then, I started dating my husband and I realized, the more time he spent hanging around my apartment, that I too had some secret single behavior. And, similar to Charlotte in that episode, it was primarily grooming based. Single, I liked to watch TV alone, I preferred a late night smoke immediately after watching a Friends rerun and right before my shower/bed time routine, I tweezed my eyebrows while soaked in a hot bubble bath, and I loved to watch Emeril on the Food Network when I had┬áinsomnia. I kept this PG but you can imagine, I certainly had other secret single behavior that just isn’t appropriate for a Mommy blog ­čÖé

Three and a half years post marriage and I realize, I have some secret Mommy behavior. In the morning, after DH takes Baby J. to pre-school, I ignore the dishes piled high in the sink and on the countertops (full disclosure, DH usually washes the dishes at night, except when he is absolutely exhausted and leaves them for me to do the next morning), I skip putting up a load of laundry, I ignore the mess Baby J. left on her little table in the kitchen, in her bedroom and in our third bedroom, and I don’t make the bed. Instead, I brew myself a cup of tea, make a quick breakfast, and pop back into bed where I snuggle against the pillows and watch new movie trailers. I do this for almost an entire hour, every single morning (except Friday’s when DH is home and we go to the gym, and on Shabbos when everyone is home!). ┬áI don’t answer the phone (unless it’s DH or Baby J’s school), I don’t look at my emails, I shut the shades to make the room dark and I just relax. It’s heaven.

I don’t feel bad about this at all. This is 100% me time and I’m loving it. I’m taking full advantage now since I know, as soon as the new baby comes, my little morning ritual will be postponed. At least until new baby is old enough to go to daycare.

Do you have any secret Mommy behavior? What do you do when you’re having a little “me” time?

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  1. Em says:

    After the older kids are off to school, I stick the young uns into a TV coma, sit in front of the computer for an hour, reading blogs & obsessively checking twitter. Something I definitely don’t do when my hubs is home!

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