Marketers Have It In for Moms

Sometimes I think that marketers have it in for Moms. I came to this conclusion this morning, as I was opening up a new box of Pampers diapers, only to discover a sample ‘gift” of the Gilette Venus Embrace razor.

“Hmm,” I thought. “This is an odd product to be in my toddler’s diaper box.”

Sure enough, I started to ruminate on its placement. And, it quickly became clear, the message the marketers are trying to send to me. The Mom. The one who is too busy putting diapers on her baby’s bum to shave.

And it opened up a whole universe of useless products that marketers can go ahead and put in a box of toddler pampers. I still haven’t lost 25+ kilo since I had my baby a year and a half ago, why not also stick in a Slim-fast bar? Know what else I haven’t had time to do? I also haven’t had time to tweeze my eyebrows or take care of my mustache. Why not send me a free box of Bliss at-home waxing kit? That will just sit, unopened, in my cupboard collecting dust, because who the hell has time to wax their own mustache when there’s a toddler in the house? Clearly, my hygiene is in question, so why not throw in a couple of boxes of Oral-B floss? I keep meaning to buy a box, but always forget when I’m rushing, last minute, to the drug store to replenish the wipes supply that we depleted during the baby’s last bout of the stomach flu.

Hey marketers, want to really be helpful to this Mom? This is the first time, in 5 years, that I am neither pregnant nor breastfeeding. How about sending me a new bottle of Nyquil to help me get rid of the lingering cold that I caught from my toddler?

I’m not actually angry that there was a razor in with the diapers. But, it was just thrown in there, stark, all judging me and everything. And, truth be told, I think they really could have made it humorous. Why not wrap the razor with a funny note that says something about how they understand I really DO want to shave my legs, but they know that I probably am so scattered with making lunches, doing laundry, waking up a million times in the middle of the night to retrieve lost pacifiers, and give sippy cups of water, and I’m juggling my day job along with running the household, that I just haven’t even considered replacing the now blunted razor sitting in my shower, so here’s one last thing I don’t have to remember to put on my to-do list? Now that type of note, I could totally appreciate. That would make me feel like the marketers understand that I don’t want to be a hairy beast, I just don’t always remember that I am one.

Or, the folks at Pampers can just do me a favor and stop judging me, and just send me a sample of some diaper cream instead.

(PS. The razor works great!)


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3 Responses to Marketers Have It In for Moms

  1. MomToo says:

    Why do you assume the razor came with so much judgement? Specifically, you said that they are judging you for not shaving. Maybe they assume you are shaving and want a better razor. That product was placed there for one reason and one reason only: the majority of people who purchase diapers are women and the Venus is a product for women. Perhaps you are being a bit too sensitive? If you stop judging yourself, you will realize that everyone isn’t judging you as much as you think.

  2. bukin86 says:

    This is hysterical… from a guys perspective!! 🙂 🙂

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