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I get really excited when the holidays roll around. This year, Chanukah is at the beginning of December, with Christmas (as usual) at the end of the month. I absolutely ADORE the holidays, both the Jewish and non-Jewish ones. Now that I have my own little family, I get to decide which traditions we want to make part of each holiday (ok, ok DH has some input too). Growing up, my parents were not so into 8 nights of presents. That sucked. I would have to go to school each day and watch my friends show off each present, while I usually just got one big one. I do remember one year when we got 8 nights of presents, that years was awesome.

So, when DH and I were dating and the first Chanukah came around, we decided that it was important to us to have 8 nights of presents. Granted, we can’t exactly give each other iPad’s each night of the holiday, but we do intersperse large presents with small, meaningful ones.

But still, Cha-Ching! That’s 8 nights of amazing presents for yours truly! And, in all honesty, I like giving much more than receiving. Especially if I get it right. When you get a crappy present though, it can be really disappointing.

If you’re like me, you’ve already started holiday gift shopping. There are already two new books, wrapped and waiting for Baby J. to open them up. One book per night of Chanukah, which leaves me 6 presents to go! As far as DH is concerned, well, let’s just say I make him send me a list of presents he eventually wants to get and I try my hardest to work off that list.

These lists, I believe, is what keeps our marriage going. He learned long ago not to buy me jewelry without my input!

And, since input it really crucial when it comes to gift giving, I decided to put together TWO holiday gift guides! One specific to Chanukah, and the other is a general Holiday guide.

Here’s what you’ll find in each gift guide:

Chanukah holiday gift

Chanukah Gift Guide 2010


  • For the Kosher Foodie – I’m a big kosher foodie fan, so these presents will be perfect for the kosher foodie in your life.
  • For the Preggo – For the Jewish pregnant woman, these gifts will make her day! (items that will make Shabbos preparation easier, hip clothing that are modest, etc.)
  • For the Jewish Hipster Mom – we are a rare breed but we do exist, find out what we want most of all!
  • For the Jewish Toddler – Great Jewish themed gifts for the yingele’s in your life
  • For the Tattie (Dad) – Jewish themed gadgets that will make him overjoyed!
  • For Saba & Savta – Because every Jewish Grandparent deserves a great present for Chanukah!


  • Hipster Mom’s – Cause the Hipster Mom in your life deserves the absolute best present this holiday season!
  • Pregnant Women – These will be all the presents that yours truly wants to get this year (think nursery decor, clothing, baby gear, spa/pampering, etc.)
  • Dad – Gadgets, Games and more Gadgets for the man in your life
  • Toddlers – Toys, Gear, Clothing and Books for the most adorable toddler in your life.
  • Grandma & Grandpa – Our parents are the most difficult to shop for, so this will be a challenging section! But, have no fear, I will put out some great picks that will work for even the most stubborn of Grannies!
  • Foodie – Food items, kitchen appliances, cookbooks, gadgets, foodie getaways, etc.
  • Pet – There are two dogs in our family and so we don’t think the pets in our lives should be neglected. Gifts for dogs & cats. (Don’t tell but Baby J. is getting a beautiful aquarium and fish as a gift one night of Chanukah!)

I will also be including at least one budget conscious gift for each category (under $25). So check back VERY soon! The Chanukah gift guide will come first, and will leave you plenty of time to get your presents picked, shipped and wrapped before you light the first candle or start hanging up the tinsel!

If you want me to consider a specific product to review, please contact me at hipstermomblog (at) gmail (dot) com!


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  1. this is seriously *wonderful!* thank you!! i am shopping and we do do 8 nights. so is this perfect for me? why yes, yes it is! love. it!! 🙂

    • holylandhipstermom says:

      Oh yea! So happy you’re excited about it!

      I hope to publish on Monday, so you’ll have plenty of time to shop 🙂

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