To Work Out or Not To Work Out?

Hipstermom works out

I’ve been so deliquent with this blog it’s embarrassing. But, dear readers (whoever you all might be and I hope you do reveal yourselves!!), I’ve got some good excuses. Being the blog content manager for two different clients means that I blog all day long and then when it’s down time, I just don’t want to think about blogging for myself.

Kinda like the guy who works at the pizza place who can’t stand having pizza for dinner. Or the donut shop worker who would never reach for a boston cream pie donut as a snack.

Hmm, bad examples, since I’m sure anyone working at the donut shop would sneak at least a nice chocolate glaze with rainbow sprinkles for snack time once in a while.

The Jewish holidays are all over and I for one am relieved. This was the first full week back at work and gan for Baby J and it has been extremely challenging. Baby J is now going a full day because Mommy finally has enough work for warrant normal business hours. Unfortunately, that means that her night sleep has been really disrupted. I’m not sure what the connection is, all I know is that Baby J has been waking up multiple times a night – hysterical – and we have no idea what’s wrong. The good news is that she is absolutely loving gan (or so they tell me) and making some friends and having fun all day long.

My precious nights sleep is a small price to pay for Baby J’s happiness -right?

The good thing about living in Israel is that there is gan on Fridays, which means Baby J is in gan from Sunday – Friday. And, Friday in this Country is sorta like Sunday in the States, which means that DH is home and we can have some precious couple time.

While we were gorging ourselves on brisket and fried chicken and cheesecake over the holidays, we made a New Year’s resolution to hit the gym every Friday. In fact, the plan was to drop Baby J off at gan and go directly to the gym, then run errands, and be home in time to pick her up.

And, where am I at 8:43 a.m. this Friday morning?

Yup, still in bed. Procrastinating.

I sent DH to drop Baby J off at gan and then told him to go to the post office to pick up his package (remind me to wax poetic about the mail system in this Country, it’s quite the doozy of a situation) and then come home to pick me up. I insisted that we would need a good breakfast before working out but that was really my excuse to buy some more time in bed. With Baby J waking up 3 times last night – and the 4:30 a.m. crying fit was truly the worst – I would love to just put on a sleep mask, shut my eyes and sleep the morning away.

I really do want to be more motivated but how can you muster up the energy to work out when you’re sleep deprived? Plus, I am not a caffeine drinker, so I can’t even down a Red Bull or a large coffee to get me going.

I ask you, my dear Mommy and Daddy readers, how do you find energy to go to the gym? And, if you don’t go to the gym, how do you find the energy to do everything else that needs to be done today: like cooking for Shabbos, another load of laundry, tidying up the house and working!

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem!

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