Happy Birthday!

Giant Cookie Monster Cupcake

Baby J celebrates her Hebrew birthday today. So we think. It gets confusing, because the Hebrew date changes based on what time the person is born. Baby J. was born in the evening, so we aren’t 100% sure if her Hebrew birthday is today or tomorrow. But, since it’s also my Mother’s English birthday today, we decided to lump the two of them together in celebration!

But, because we plan on throwing Baby J. a big party on her English birthday, tonight’s celebration will be a bit more modest. I’m toying with the idea of breaking out my Wilton giant cupcake pan and baking her a huge cupcake. But, I only have one box of mix in the house and I need at least two to make both the top and the bottom of the cupcake. Instead, we are going to take Baby J. to the pet store where she will get to pick out her very first fishie!

Of course, I already did a scouting mission to make sure they would have what we want. And, I found this extremely cool modular white fish tank, that would look perfect in our living room over our modular white unit. I priced out the fish tank with a fish of her choice and, unless she decided to go all exotic on me, it’s an extremely reasonable gift for a 2 year old who loves fishies!

How do you plan on celebrating or how did you celebrate your toddler’s 2nd birthday? Comment below!

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