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Why I don’t just want to Google it

Tweet What happened to asking other people for their advice or opinions? When have we become a “just Google it” culture? And, for that matter, why has that happened? It drives me insane when I ask a question online, usually … Continue reading

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So What Will I Eat Then, Dear Liza?

Tweet I believe in breastfeeding. I think it’s a wonderful thing for both Mommy and baby, and when Baby J. was born it took us 8 weeks of sore nipples, thrush, painful latching, pumping bottles, and multiple threats of quitting … Continue reading

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Rantings of a Tired Mommy

Tweet Lord, I am tired! This cartoon says it all for me as, lately, I feel like I’m practically sleeping on my feet, two hands hoisting up that big ol’ baby belly. Once again, I am working both Israel and … Continue reading

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