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Choking Baby; Terrible Mother

Tweet When Baby J. was about eight months old, she choked on a banana. We were spending the morning at the play area of Yankuta and she was hungry, so I took her to one of the tables and peeled … Continue reading

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The Great Shoe Purge

Tweet I might be a Hipstermom but, deep down, I am a whore for fashion. September’s Vogue is my ultimate magazine purchase and, while I do not think all fashion trends should be followed (I lived through the 80’s, ’nuff … Continue reading

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The Shabbos Cholent

Tweet Last night, I packed up Baby S., pumped DH full of coffee, picked up Ariella (who came baring delicious gifts of homemade granola) and headed out of Jerusalem towards Petach Tikva. Destination: an evening out with some Israeli food … Continue reading

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