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An Unorthodox Holiday Tradition

Tweet I love Christmas. There, I said it. I know, it’s completely unorthodox for this Orthodox Jewess to love Christmas, but I just do. I have loved the holiday for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I got … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide 2010 – Chanukah

Tweet It’s finally here! My ultimate Chanukah gift guide for 2010, with great presents that will make the loved ones in your life oh so happy they have 8 nights of the holiday to celebrate! As you may recall from … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

Tweet Baby J celebrates her Hebrew birthday today. So we think. It gets confusing, because the Hebrew date changes based on what time the person is born. Baby J. was born in the evening, so we aren’t 100% sure if … Continue reading

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Tweet Thumbsucker. Bed wetter. Nose Picker. Ah, the stigmas of childhood, the fuel of bullies worldwide. For me, I started out as “Buck Teeth Billy” until Dr. Kutner strapped a set of metal braces to my teeth and hooked me … Continue reading

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Secret Mommy Behavior

Tweet I was single throughout my 20’s and I remember this one Sex and the City episode where they talk about their Secret Single Behavior. I thought it was a pretty funny episode, and like majority of the series, didn’t … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guides 2010

Tweet I get really excited when the holidays roll around. This year, Chanukah is at the beginning of December, with Christmas (as usual) at the end of the month. I absolutely ADORE the holidays, both the Jewish and non-Jewish ones. … Continue reading

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Nine West Adventures

Tweet Oh Nine West, how you have utterly failed me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that you’re here in Israel. It’s wonderful to be able to purchase from a familiar, American brand when I’m on another Continent. And, in … Continue reading

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Cookie Monster

Tweet For the past two weeks, Baby J. has woken up and requested juice and a cookie. This has been a very interesting request since we don’t have cookies – aside from tea biscuits – in the house. The juice … Continue reading

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